Public debate on prostitution and sex work in Slovenia and Croatia

A public debate on prostitution and sex work in Slovenia and Croatia was organized in Pritličje in Ljubljana on the 21st of May with researchers Dr. Mojca Pajnik, Dr. Ivana Radačić, MSc. Emanuela Fabijan and MSc. Stephanie Stelko presenting preliminary research findings. The debate began with introductory words by Metka Naglič from Amnesty International Slovenia and MSc. Anja Koletnik from Transfeminist Initiative TransAkcija Institute who, amongst other, drew attention to the situation of marginalized statuses of sex workers and specifically transgender persons who are exposed at the global level to violence, mobbing, even murder.

In the central part of the discussion we compared the political and legal provisions that are framing prostitution in the two countries, and analysed their effects on people who are engaged in prostitution. Based on the interviews, which were conducted in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Split, we have analyzed different experiences with sex work and the problems raised by the interviewees in their relations with clients and the police. Furthermore, the discussion included experiences of stigma, security in health, as well as the problem of the absence of initiatives, organizations or programs that would respond to the needs of sex workers.

Media about the debate: