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Sex workers’ stories

Of course, there’s a stigma. (…) It’s easier to judge someone than to understand them. It’s easier to judge someone than to get to the heart of the matter. People view other people in a superficial, one-dimensional way, and I think there’s a stigma, especially towards women, in many segments of life – let alone in this one, where a woman uses her sexuality in a way she wants. (Nina, 46)

There are clients, because of the entire situation where a woman is vulnerable, who think they can allow themselves to do whatever they want. … She simply won’t go to the police because she’ll be taken into custody, and nothing will happen to him. (Tea, 32)

They met me today in the town (clients) and greeted me, asking me how I am; if there’s something I needed … (Mima, 37)

(….) And he was beating me and all that. And he was taking the money at the end. All of it. (Marina, 37)

Again there’s the segment of illegality in all that, and I’m very scared to get a call from the police officer, what I experienced, that the police officer will ask me for a free service – what I experienced – for protection, that he will behave inappropriately towards me, that’s what I experienced too.

They were telling me (pimps) they get information from the police… (Tea, 32)

Women should be informed about their rights (…) A woman must know her rights when it comes to health, she must know how to take care of herself. And when she knows that, then the law should be changed, so women can feel safer. (Tea, 32)

Decriminalization would be an ideal solution, because women who do it would be able to connect and say more clearly what they want, how they want it, they would be able to exercise their rights, their health protection, all of it. They wouldn’t be afraid of the police … it would be ideal (…) (Nina, 46)

What needs to be done? We need to get read of the fucking pimps. How to do that? By legalisation. We need to stop punishing sex workers. And, I don’t know, it would be good if we had a centre opened with condoms, and if you have a psychological or other kind of problem, like, I have just been raped, that it is connected to the police and all. And for the relationship with the police to improve… (Ana, 42)