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Emanuela Fabijan

Emanuela Fabijan received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication (Media and Communication Studies) and a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012 she was awarded for her Bachelor’s thesis, entitled Third class citizens – »invisible« migrant workers from the former Yugoslavia through a media perspective, from the Professor Klinar Fund, which rewards the best Bachelor’s thesis in the field of sociology of ethnic groups, migration or social stratification.

In 2016 her Master’s thesis, entitled Psychiatric hospital as s total institution: policies and practices of institutionalization, engenderization, and resistance, was awarded the Prešeren prize from the Faculty of Social Sciences. This prize is awarded to the best Bachelor’s and Master’s theses. She has published a book essay in the interdisciplinary journal of social science in Slovenia Teorija in praksa.

She participated in the training programme for non-governmental organizations by MDI- Deinstitutionalization Network, where the bill regarding the Law on personal assistance for the handicapped was prepared. Her work experiences encompass working also in the field of media and non-governmental organizations. She focuses on the following research fields: marginalized social groups, gender, migration, media, sociology of medicine.


Fabijan, Emanuela. 2015. Erving Goffman: The presentation of self in everyday life; Mirjana Ule, Brina Malnar, Slavko Kurdija: Health and medicine in transition. Teorija in praksa 52 (4): 792–801.