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Mojca Frelih

Mojca Frelih obtained her masters in sociological science at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 2003 she had been involved in several research projects (conducted over 300 interviews with various target groups, involved in focus groups, lead several workshops, organized several events). She is a trained field worker with background in conflict resolution.  Her research fields are: reconciliation of public and private life, fatherhood, care work, media and gender (in)equality, (anti)discrimination etc.

Selection of projects: Gender Differentiation in Media Industry (Slovene Research Agency), Fathers and Employers in Action (The EEA Grants and Norway Grants 2009-2014), Gender Equality and Media (Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities), Integration of Female ImMigrants in Labour Market and Society. Policy Assessment and Policy Recommendations (FEMIPOL) (A STREP Project of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission Scientific Support to Policies SSP4) etc.

Currently she is a representative of Slovenia in the international group (advisory body) »Experts’ Forum of the European Institute for Gender Equality« and a member of the editorial web portal »« (an autonomous, independent and non-party media, focused on topics related to gender. Timely and analytical responsive to gender inequalities, sexism and the phenomena of reproduction of stereotypes in different social fields. It endeavors to cover various fields, from the division of labor in the household through political representation and gender segregation in the labor market to violence in the private sphere, the exploitation of the prostitution, sexism in the media etc.).